Our Co-Op Door Hanger has 3 distributions per advertising cycle. These deliveries are roughly 4 weeks apart from each other. To learn more about our advertising cycles and ditribution times, please call of our office (817)-231-0044 .

Due to weather and other unforseen circumstances the distribution day(s) for each targeted area will vary slightly. We understand the importance of distribution and notify all of our customers each day their door hanger(s) are being delivered.

Co-Op Distribution
  • No Additional Cost. Included in Co-Op Door Hanger Pricing.
  • 18 Predefined Target Areas. View our Coverage Map
  • Predetermined Distribution Times
  • 7,500 Homes in each Targeted Area

We have 2 Solo Distribution Options "Piggy Backing" or Custom Distribution.

Piggy-back Distribution refers to the solo doorhanger riding along with our larger Co-Op door hanger. This is a more affordable option where the distribution cost is reduced by almost half.

Custom Distribution gives you more control over where and when you would like your door hanger to be put out. You are able to zero in on your target neighborhood and demographic.

Piggy Back Distribution Custom Distribution
  • Hung with our Co-Op Door Hanger
  • Predefined Target Areas
  • Predetermined Distribution Times
  • Minimum of 5,000 Door Hangers
  • No Competition with Co-Op Customers
  • Hung Separately from our Co-Op Door Hanger
  • Customizable Target Areas
  • Minimum of 5,000 Door Hangers
  • Same Day Notification
  • Tracking availble upon request